Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flower Find--Designer Daniel Ost

In our expanding blog we are posting some of our favorite "Finds" to share with our friends. Publishing has taken on a whole new meaning with the internet, but our first find can happily be viewed both online and in print. We love the sensibilities of Belgian designer and sculptor, Daniel Ost, .  

Ost's books are readily available if you are a fan of pulling a book onto your lap and leafing through pages of inspiring floral images. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Local Flowers!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the big plastic buckets being carried through our front door. Yesterday we received our second delivery of huge, local anemones. Our friend Tammie Stanley grows them in her 'hoop' houses near Williamsburg and they are like nothing we see on the wholesale market. She also brought us some extraordinary grape hyacinths. We met Tammie at her stall at Findley Market and her niece, Emily, helps us with all sorts of shop chores after school.

Anemones are called 'wind flowers' because long ago it was thought the spring winds made them bloom. They come in such gorgeous colors and we love the detail of each petal. Later in the season, Tammie brings us the most amazing lisianthus. Stay tuned!