Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring flowers have a way of being soft and at the same time bright. One of the things we love so much about the flowers, greenery, vines, and berries of the spring as well as the autumn is the array of textures in the flower forms and leaves. This bouquet is a light breeze of white lilac, blue muscari, gentle lavender sweet peas and scilla, delicate ladies mantle, and gorgeous pink peonies.

Lavender is the color of choice for many brides this year. Whether in a mixed bouquet of color or paired with whites and greens, lavender flowers are a striking complement to any color combination. In this April wedding bouquet, lavender and royal purple anemones with rich, dark eyes in the center contrast with slender miniature purple callas. Sweet peas, muscari, and lavender lilacs add different hues, and delightful checked fritillaria with arching leaves are nestled among them.
A sweet bud vase holds a casual gathering of lilacs, lavenders, and soft pinks with a just-picked garden style.