Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woodland Flowers For Early Spring Wedding Bouquet

March Wedding Bouquet With Elegant And Unusual Spring Flowers

Last weekend we had the pleasure of bringing some of the more unusual specimens of the earliest spring perennials into the shop. These woodland beauties have a simple elegance in their presentation, adding shape, texture, and color to this bouquet.

Black Hellebore Grows In Woodland Gardens
 The deep purple Hellebores are striking with bright green stamens crowning the center of the "black" purple petals, which are actually sepals. These are long lasting blooms that really do like our cool Midwestern springs.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Tulips and Black Pussy Willow

Parrot Tulips with Garden Roses and Black Pussy Willow
Aptly Named - The Rococo Parrot Tulip
At this time of year we have a riot of tulips in the shop. The varieties we bring in from Holland are amazing in their colorful dress. The French tulips are sleek and elegant blossoms on two foot long stems, with an almost serene quality to them. Parrot tulips are fun and frilly with petals that are lightly stroked with contrasting colors. Some are quite painterly in their effect.
Others sport petals that are curled or feathered, and often they're rather large blooms. Tulips will grow after they have been cut--up to an inch each day--so changing the water often and a snip off the stem will keep them happy for days.

Black Pussy Willow
Another of our perennial favorites are the various pussy willow stems we bring into the shop in the spring. Not surprisingly, the different varieties have their own special qualities. Some have quite large, soft silvery buds while others have tiny knobs in deep crimson red with just a peep of a silver bud. This week we have the exotic looking black pussy willow which is striking paired with red and yellow blooms.