Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eco Minded Brides Repurpose Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers at the Hall of Mirrors

Occasionally, brides will ask us what happens to the flowers after the reception ends.  Since hardly anyone needs more vases in storage, renting the glassware for centerpieces saves both money and space in the basement. We usually pick up what's left of the decorations on Monday and frequently, toss the flowers or take a few home for the kitchen table.

Now there's a better solution. It's called ReBloom and is the brainchild of recently retired, Marilyn Aardema. Marilyn visits the reception site on Sunday, gathers up the flowers in buckets, and takes them home to re-arrange in donated vases. By Monday, they are happily adorning the bedsides of patients at Mercy Fairfield Hospital.

We love this solution and encourage newlyweds and their families to think about sharing the beauty. We are also happy to be a depository of unwanted vases that we can share with Marilyn. Another pleasant thought--since Rebloom is a not-for-profit organization donating flowers and time, you may be able to take a tax deduction for your flowers. Check with your accountant for information.