Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Hydrangea

Spring hydrangeas are blooming in our gardens. Last year we took home potted plants from the shop that we had used for cuttings and put them in the ground. After wintering in the garden it's looking like a robust harvest of blooms. Not all potted hydrangea plants will thrive and flower in the garden, but the varieties we have at the shop adapt happily. Should you decide to plant some in your own garden, remember to leave the stems long as the buds will grow on old wood each year.

Each week we get a shipment of hydrangeas from Holland surprising us with yet another stunning variety. With more than 50 varieties from which to choose it's a tough decision when we place our order. The spring varieties are vivid and refreshing. Check back in September to see a gallery of the more subtle antique hydrangeas.

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