Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Woodland Flowers For Early Spring Wedding Bouquet

March Wedding Bouquet With Elegant And Unusual Spring Flowers

Last weekend we had the pleasure of bringing some of the more unusual specimens of the earliest spring perennials into the shop. These woodland beauties have a simple elegance in their presentation, adding shape, texture, and color to this bouquet.

Black Hellebore Grows In Woodland Gardens
 The deep purple Hellebores are striking with bright green stamens crowning the center of the "black" purple petals, which are actually sepals. These are long lasting blooms that really do like our cool Midwestern springs.

Checked Fritillaria, From The Latin Meaning Dice-box
Charming Fritillaria in their characteristic checked dress have slender arching leaves that add a note of grace to the bouquet. The bulb flowers have bell shaped, nodding heads. With their cup-like form and checked markings they add distinction to the floral gathering.

The purple Astrantia in our bridal bouquet is such a pretty specimen that we wanted to share it. This is also an early spring bloomer in the garden and flowers continue into early summer.

Delicate Astrantia Has A Sweet Aroma

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