Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big and Beautiful

The Dinner Plate Dahlia with summer flowers

Every season seems to bring its own big beautiful flower that we love to use in centerpieces and bridal bouquets. Cut amaryllis is our workhorse during the winter. It comes in many colors and is available from the Christmas holidays until spring. 

White amaryllis with red velvet throats alongside spring hellebores

Gorgeous Coral Charm peonies with soft pink and peach

Those are followed by gorgeous peonies in April that make our hearts do a little dance. When the peonies fade, the hydrangeas come blasting in with a huge range of colors including pink, lavender, blue, purple, green, white and everything in between. 

Antique hydrangea makes wonderful wreaths that dry beautifully

Tall centerpiece with antique blue hydrangea
As a bonus, during the summer, the hydrangeas become ‘antiqued’ meaning that the colors change as the flowers age on the plant. These blooms keep for a long time and actually dry while keeping their color well. We like to make wreaths and arrangements with antique hydrangeas that will look great for years to come. Because of the enormous variety and abundance, summer is the best time to find affordable hydrangea blooms. 

Other huge flowers available in midsummer include dahlias, sunflowers, kale, and delphinium. Each of these varieties provides a focal flower and brings a distinct personality to arrangements.

From summer into fall, dahlia varieties become a staple in arrangements

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